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ARKI Case Study

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ARKI, an AI-driven search engine, targets mid-sized architecture firms struggling with digital asset management.  ARKI allows designers in firms to locate and refer to previous projects quickly from anywhere. This capability is key in preventing expensive errors and saving time.

In terms of savings, based on 100+ interviews we had with design firms, professionals spend, on average, 4 hours per week searching for design assets. Everything from searching images, renderings, diagrams, precedents, project references, details, you name it.
This represents 10% of their week or 200 hours per staff member on average yearly. If the salary is $80,000, this represents $8,000 of salary per person per year.
If the firm is 10 people, this will represent 2000 hours of combined time spent according to more optimistic estimates. For the team of 10 people, this represents $80,000 in salary spending per year.
Our software saves you, on average, 2000 hours per cluster of a team of 10 people. This means that technically, you gain a team member because 2000 hours per year is full-time employment. The cost of the final software will represent the cost of the Drafting License you need to get for this additional member, which means our software starts at $350 per month per cluster of 10 members.
However, we are offering you to join as pilot users, which means that you would get early access where you can contribute your feedback and help us build for the first year of working with us, and we offer significant cost savings in return.

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