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ARKI platform categorizes, labels, & organizes your selected projects into a searchable hub
Who are we


Architectural design projects can take years to complete. In the process, architects create an insane amount of design data, often inaccessible for further search and unavailable for future reference. 


At ARKI, we envision a future where architects worldwide have the freedom to focus on groundbreaking design. We aim to enable architects to become profitable while motivating professionals to enjoy their craft.


ARKI is an AI-powered search engine that enables access and encourages the reusability of architectural expertise. ARKI empowers teams through searchable, referenceable design knowledge. 

“Working with ARKI on their development of AI for practising architects has been exciting and a real pleasure for us."

Principal, Toronto

Working with World-class Clients & Partners

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How it works

Data Sorting

Frictionless Access

The ARKI platform uses AI algorithms to auto-categorize, label, and organize your past architectural assets into a searchable database.

You can access the organized data via the search feature, allowing you to find specific projects or architectural patterns quickly.

Corporate Knowledge

Once you’ve located the project you’re interested in, you can go to a details page for more in-depth information.

Enhanced Productivity

ARKI improves productivity by streamlining access to past project references. The platform also handles data collection, recollection, filing, processing, and indexing.

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