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ARKI Core Values

1. Capture the imagination and empathize: People use, love, and advocate for products that meet their needs and help them realize their imagination and life goals. At ARKI, we are committed to helping people achieve their dreams. We empathize with our customers during their most frustrating day-to-day challenges and extend this understanding to our employees. We believe in enabling people to realize their life dreams, deal with challenges, and support their aspirations. By placing the customers and the employees at the center of everything we do, we make their dreams a reality. ARKI creates a culture where everyone's aspirations and challenges are acknowledged, and empathy is not a promise but an action.


2. Move fast: Optimize all levels of the organization for maximum speed, productivity, and iterative value creation. Challenge the status quo to improve the speed of delivering value to customers. Embrace change positively from engineering, product, and organizational perspectives, and set up the organization to pivot quickly. This approach is rooted in a discipline that fosters adaptability and flexibility, ensuring continuous improvement and operational superiority. ARKI is driven by a thirst for innovation and an open mind, constantly seeking new ways to evolve and excel.


3. Master your craft: At our core, we believe in the power of exceptional design to transform experiences and elevate expectations. Just as people are drawn to products that resonate with their needs and spark their imagination, we at ARKI dedicate ourselves to mastering the art of design. Our focus is on creating beautiful artifacts, irrespective of the application, with an absolute commitment to detail. We speak the language of aesthetics fluently, aligning closely with our customers' visions. It's this close understanding of our user that allows us not just to meet but also exceed their expectations. We strive to immerse our customers in a seamlessly integrated experience. In doing so, we don't just create products; we create experiences that resonate deeply.


4. Commit to decisions with great value: Whether you are deciding to build vs. buy, consuming SaaS software or infrastructure, or even managing time, make decisions that save us money and time. This enables us to offer more reasonable customer prices, better employee perks, increased profit margins, business expansion, and participation in good causes. These choices are crucial in building a sustainable business and embody our commitment to long-term strategic thinking.


5. Embrace the Journey: We embrace the philosophy of enjoying the journey. Recognizing that our time here is unique, we encourage everyone to be present, own their time, and have fun. We're committed to making the journey towards achieving dreams enjoyable and memorable for everyone. In our culture, we celebrate every moment, ensuring that enjoyment is a reality experienced daily by all.


6. Earn trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any long-term customer relationship with ARKI. We earn this trust by creating products that are reliable, beautiful, privacy-conscious, secure, fast, and lightweight while delivering exceptional customer experience. Integral to this is our commitment to integrity, ensuring every action and decision is rooted in honesty and ethical principles, solidifying our customers' trust.


7. Simplify & Innovate: As a company, we take pride in making our products, solutions, and processes as simple as possible. We recognize that in an ever-changing world, staying relevant means innovating based on customer aspirations. Our commitment to simplicity is coupled with a continuous drive for innovation and excellence, ensuring we meet and exceed our customers' evolving needs and expectations.

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